Members will abide by the NPGAA Inc rules and regulations associated with their membership.

Members will always breed, raise and maintain their animals according to current animal welfare standards.

Members will familiarise themselves with the Pygmy Goat Breed Standard and use it as a guide in breeding and will always strive to improve the Pygmy goat breed standard.

Members will sell animals in good healthy condition, free to the best of their knowledge from disease or major defects or hereditary disease

Members will be true to the purchaser and inform the purchaser so that they clearly understand their responsibilities for the care and welfare of the animals.  To be truthful in advertising and be accurate in record keeping.

Members should retain their integrity, and at all times observe a professional conduct and display good sportsmanship while in public and while participating in any activities representing the association.

Official office bearer of the association is in a position of trust and will not abuse that trust, they will always observe good and fair business principles when acting on behalf of the association.

Members are requested to advise of any conflict of interest and disqualify themselves from any activity or process where that conflict may impact the association.

Members will refrain from participating, tolerating and condoning any form of bullying, sexual harassment or any form of discrimination.